Million Dollars Worth of Work

Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority/Metro: B105.1 Million Dollars Worth of Work


Bus Operator

Commitment to operating the coach bus in a safe manner and following traffic laws.
Be available to work various work schedules including weekends and holidays.
Comply with local, state and federal transit regulations.
Collect bus fares using the new fareboxes.
Provide stellar customer service and respond to customers in a courteous manner.
Possess a level of professionalism to represent the SORTA/Metro brand.
Be aware of hazardous and suspicious packages.
Assist customers with disabilities.
Report emergency, accidents or eminent safety conditions to dispatcher.
Pre-inspect coach to detect and report safety or maintenance problems.
Observe time schedules along specified route while picking up and discharging passengers.
Ensure receipt of proper fare and accept or issue passenger transfers.
Observe safe operating practices at all times.
Operate wheelchair lift as needed.
Answer passenger questions and requests, furnish accurate information, and appropriately deal with disorderly or unruly passengers.
Report mechanical defects, accidents, road hazards, personal or passenger injuries to dispatch or supervisors.
Operate a two way radio as needed.
Perform other duties as assigned or required.

Pay: While in training, trainees make $15.00 hourly; After training, operators are paid $16.76/hour. Pay increases then progress based on the amount of hours worked: 1st Progression: $17.88/hour (after 2,080 hours worked). 2nd Progression: $19.55/hour (after 4,160 hours worked). 3rd Progression $21.23/hour (after 6,240 hours worked). 4th Progression: $24.58/hour (after 8,320 hours worked). 5th/Final Progression (Top Pay): $27.93/hour (after 10,400 hours worked).