Every Sunday from 6–7 am, B-105 airs Sunday Morning Magazine with Rodney Lear. The show is produced in-house and examines pertinent issues facing Cincinnati. Recent topics discussed on the program include: Parenting a chronically ill child, innovative educators, preparing students for college, postpartum depression, children of incarcerated parents, the foster care system, getting out of debt, water safety, obesity, illiteracy, family finance, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, suicide prevention, homelessness, military veterans, marriage enrichment, teens and body image, eating disorders, cancer, and race relations.

Jeff Suess_Segment #3_ May 22, 2022
Jeff Suess, Author, Tomorrowland: The Past, Present, and Future of Disney’s Most Changed Land. About the book: When Disneyland opened in 1955, Tomorrowland re¬flected Walt Disney’s optimism for a great big beautiful tomorrow with the promise of atomic age technology and everyday rocket trips to the moon. Then the present caught up to the future, so Walt had to tear it down and start again. To stay ahead, Tomorrowland has been upgraded and redefined for each new generation, from the New Tomorrowland in 1967 to the boldly different Discoveryland, and beyond.
Dennis Logsdon_Segment #2_ May 22, 2022
Dennis Logsdon, Author, The Rumble Tumble Thunderstorm. About the book: The simplest lessons in life are often the most important, like showing kindness, being a friend, and pursuing adventure. A rhyme-written and beautifully illustrated book, The Rumble Tumble Thunderstorm tells the story of Henry, a young boy who discovers a world of adventure within a rainstorm puddle. Alongside two new animal friends, William the whale and Shelly the snail, Henry teaches the importance of friendship and that life’s biggest pleasures can come from the smallest surprises. rumbletumblethunderstorm.com
Chris Carosa_Segment #1_ May 22, 2022
Chris Carosa, Author, The Parent's Guide To Turning Your Teen Into A Millionaire. Chris Carosa, a Certified Trust & Financial Advisor and Yale graduate, joined Sunday Morning Magazine to talk about how parents can put their children on the path to become a millionaire.