Every Sunday from 6–7 am, B-105 airs Sunday Morning Magazine with Rodney Lear. The show is produced in-house and examines pertinent issues facing Cincinnati. Recent topics discussed on the program include: Parenting a chronically ill child, innovative educators, preparing students for college, postpartum depression, children of incarcerated parents, the foster care system, getting out of debt, water safety, obesity, illiteracy, family finance, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, suicide prevention, homelessness, military veterans, marriage enrichment, teens and body image, eating disorders, cancer, and race relations.

Clothilde Ewing (Author/Former Oprah Show Producer) Segment #4 3-12-2023
Clothilde Ewing, Author, Stella and the Mystery of the Missing Tooth. A journalist for most of her career with The Oprah Winfrey Show and CBS News, Clothilde Ewing also worked in the press department for President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.  Clothilde joins Sunday Morning Magazine to discuss her amazing career as well as her new book, Stella and the Mystery of the Missing Tooth. In this new book, our spunky, self-assured heroine Stella is back and on a serious case filled with hi-jinks when her second-best friend, Owen loses a tooth. With praise from EW to People, STELLA is poised to bring smiles to young readers and receive thumbs up from their parents and caregivers.  https://www.clothildeewing.com/
Kara Hitchens (AAA) Segment #3 3-12-2023
Kara Hitchens, Public and Government Affairs, AAA. Springing forward can mean falling back into a bad driving habit – drowsy driving. The arrival of Daylight-Saving Time this weekend means one less hour of sleep, a darker morning commute and the potential for more sleepy drivers on the road. AAA is reminding drivers to adjust their sleeping habits along with their clocks, to stay alert behind the wheel and to look out for pedestrians, especially children who will be on their way to school and may be hard to see. In the Greater Cincinnati Area, Follow Us on Twitter: @AAACincyNews  #AAACincyNews
Rachel and Amber (Heart Mini 2023) Segment #2 3-12-2023
Rachel, American Heart Association and Amber, Koncerts. Rachel and Amber join us to talk about the American Heart Association Heart Mini-Marathon & Walk. The event will take place Sunday, March 19, 2023 in Downtown Cincinnati. https://www2.heart.org/site/TR/?fr_id=7935&pg=entry