About Jesse

Listen long enough to Jesse Tack on B-105 and you’ll find out he grew up in Iowa, he has an identical twin brother, he once worked in pizza delivery, his mother was a full-time truck driver and at one point he considered a career in farming. Besides the farming part, most of that is absolutely true.

In his free time, you’ll find Jesse at the movies, DJ’ing weddings, exploring with his Beagle mix, Jackson, and doing things around the house.

Jesse loves being on the radio. He’s been at it since the age of 16 and still looks forward to work every day!

Email Jesse at jesse@b105.com.

Latest Posts

Jesse calls his Mom to find out why she almost named him Rusty Tack!

Well, I found out over the weekend that my Mom had considered naming me and my identical twin “Rusty” and “Dusty” Tack. I called her to find out why.

Jesse talks to the owner of the Dent Schoolhouse

The Dent Schoolhouse officially opens tonight for the Halloween-haunt season!  Jesse talks to Bud Stross, a co-owner of the local haunt (and B-105 co-worker) about the precautions they’re taking due...

Crazy video of suspect escaping Highland County Court

This is like a scene out of a movie.  Watch the video below.  As of this post, the suspect still remains at large and one of the deputies has sustained...

Jesse talks with his twin brother on Facebook live about competing for the same CMA award this year

B-105 is proud to be one of the 5 nominees for the CMA Large Market Station of the Year award, but as it happens, Jesse’s twin brother Joey works for...