About Jesse

Listen long enough to Jesse Tack on B-105 and you’ll find out he grew up in Iowa, he has an identical twin brother, he once worked in pizza delivery, his mother was a full-time truck driver and at one point he considered a career in farming. Besides the farming part, most of that is absolutely true.

In his free time, you’ll find Jesse at the movies, DJ’ing weddings, exploring with his Beagle mix, Jackson, and doing things around the house.

Jesse loves being on the radio. He’s been at it since the age of 16 and still looks forward to work every day!

Email Jesse at jesse@b105.com.

Latest Posts

Jesse Tack talks to Keith Urban!

Here’s Jesse’s full conversation with Keith Urban. After a little nerding-out about technology, they talk about a performance that Jesse saw Keith give at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville earlier...

Jesse Tack talks to Jelly Roll!

Jelly Roll stopped by to say hi and chat about his new song “Son of A Sinner.” He’ll be back in September for a show at Ovation in Newport!

Jesse has a giant dent in the side of his truck!

Jesse will announce where and how this dent occurred at 5:10 tonight on B-105!

Jesse talks to Ian Munsick

Ian Munsick will be at Lori’s Roadhouse on Saturday night and Jesse talked to him about (5/14) his style of music and why it’s important for him to be true...

Jesse chats with Jason Aldean

Jason will be at Riverbend on August 25th and you can get tickets here. His new album, “Georgia”, is now available everywhere.