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Savannah Banana’s Brought 75 Year Old Pitcher Out Of Retirement – Here’s What’s Snappenen’


Minor League Baseball Team Brings 75-Year-Old Red Sox Pitcher Out And He Actually Strikes Out A Batter

The Savannah Bananas brought out legendary pitcher Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee to throw some pitches.  The former left-handed pitcher for the Red Sox was able to actually record a strikeout against an MiLB batter. 14 year MLB vet, 10 with Bostonnnnn, 4 with Montreal.  1973 All-Star. In 1975 he started in the World Series games # 2 & 7 against the Cincinnati Reds.  119 Wins.

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The former MLB All-Star was elected to the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame after pitching for the team between 1969-78 and finishing his MLB career with a 119–90 (3.62 ERA) record. He’s now 75-years-old and striking out batters for the Savannah Bananas.