Pound This: Photo Shoot Pics!

For a little backstory here…I have battled with my weight my whole life. I yo-yo dieted for a long time, until I decided to take things into my own hands and change my lifestyle for good. You can hear more about that in my podcasts HERE.

I was so insanely excited that Women’s Health magazine reached out to me on my INSTAGRAM to feature me and my weight loss. After weeks of the interview process, a photoshoot was scheduled. But tvgb vhen it was cancelled last minute with no real explanation. From that, I was honestly amazed by the outpouring of support of people suggesting I do my own photoshoot anyway.

A HUGE thank you to Carly who jumped on board and offered to take these photos for me. As you can see, she did a really amazing job! If you’re looking for a phenomenal photographer, find Carly HERE. Also a huge thank you to the YMCA for allowing us to do the shoot at the downtown location. I also had to have a delicious cheat meal to wrap it up! Life is all about balance!  

For me personally, this is so much more than just a photo shoot. I mean…I look at some of these photos and can’t believe it’s me. It helps me take a step back and actually see what I’ve accomplished. These photos are proof that you can accomplish what you set your mind to. I never thought I could really change myself for the better for good. And here I am. My hope is that if you’ve ever had the same struggles, that this can help prove to you that you can do it too.

Hear more about this experience in my podcast here: