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Latest Episodes

Mountain Dew Making a Pickle-Flavored Soda – Here's What's Snappenin'

Mountain Dew to Make a Pickle-Flavored Soda This Summer
Last week, they announced the return of MTN DEW Typhoon, “tropical punch twist” that hasn’t been seen in over a decade.
The kids are all trying and not liking the New Mountain Dew ‘Flaming Hot’
Now MTN DEW will be testing a pickle-flavored take on the citrus soda
The pickled-flavor DEW is one of six flavors that will be tested at the MTN DEW Outpost,
Beginning June 4th, DEW will officially take over the Doe Mountain Recreation Area in eastern Tennessee and transform it into the MTN DEW Outpost, offering a wide range of outdoor activities and Taste-testing six potential new flavors
In addition to a pickle flavor, which is said to be a “sour sweet complement to Southern BBQ,” DEW is also testing apple cinnamon, s’mores, elderberry, huckleberry, and summer “pop” flavors.
Some other failed flavors were
Caffeine-Free Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap’d.
Mountain Dew Cake-Smash which sounds good
Mountain Dew Dewitos. Dorito Flavored Mountain Dew

Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, May 27th!

-Sweet & Spicy Truth Game: Pig Heads and Sexy Harry Potter!
-The Big Bone Lick Double Drive-In.
-Short Term Memory Game.
-1,000 Flag Friday!
-Good Vibes: She Graduated College Before Graduating High School? Yep!
-The Dad Joke of the Day!
-The College of Hollywood Knowledge!

Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday, May 26th!

-Tasha’s Divine Guidance: Past Life’s & Sarcophagus Buddies!
-Chelsie’s New Drivers License Ordeal
-Short Term Memory Games
-Stattosphere: Ancient Chinese Secret Vase
-Good Vibes: Mother Son Dance Leads to Five Minute Ovation
-The Dad Joke of the Day
-The Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge

Old Vase In The Kitchen Sold For $1.5 Million – Here's What's Snappenin'

 There is nothing like finding treasure or discovering an ancient artifact that’s been sitting in your kitchen for decades that’s actually worth millions of dollars.
The artifact in question here is an 18th-century Chinese vase marked with the symbol of the Qianlong emperor who ruled from 1735 to 1795. It just sold at auction for $1,505,868.
It’s a royal blue vase that is quite stunning with gold and silver streaks and cranes and bats painted on it.
But to the UK family who doesn’t really recall when it was purchased or where it came from,
it was just ‘that thing’ sitting in the family’s kitchen since the 1980s.
The vase had passed through two generations of the family after it was initially purchased at an antiques store in the 1980s.
It remains a mystery how this vase made its way out of China.
The American University in Washington, DC.  said this ornate vase could’ve been a gift from the emperor to one of his officials that was then passed down through the generations then sold at an antiques store.
Or It could be the product of the military plunder of 1860 or 1901, which would make its auction much more questionable.
But that old thing sitting in the corner could be worth $1.5 Million dollars.

Big Dave Show Highlights for Wednesday, May 25th!

-Relationship Report Card: Found Rings & Pinky Swears!
-Biting your thumb to lock-in a pinky swear? Really?
-Full House: For Sale!
-Good Vibes: Soulful Singer Going Viral
-College of Hollywood Knowledge

Stranger Things has fallen victim to the game of Monopoly – Here's What's Snappenin!

The Stranger Things Monopoly game hit stores last month to help promote the new season of Stranger Things 4.
Also last month detailed spoilers started to circulate online. Major plot and character details.
After the un-named fan reportedly found the game sitting on a shelf at Target,
 They found detailed missions in the game, like to go to specific locations, that they had never heard of. Other cards referenced things that haven’t happened yet. And answers to cliff hangers from last season. The game was updated with new questions to coincide with the new season..
 The Duffer Brothers had what has been described as a “total meltdown” after learning about the development.
The biggest plot spoilers are in the game. Click here if you would like to read the spoilers. Warning, It might ruin the show.
Stranger Things 4 premieres on May 27, 2022 and the second part will be five weeks later on July 1, 2022.

Big Dave Show Highlights for Tuesday, May 24th!

-Officer Nick finds out about the shirt!
-What did Brad say to Chelsie last weekend? Really?
-Stattosphere: Stranger Things Monopoly Spoilers!
-Stattman’s Having Problems.
-Good Vibes: Garth Brooks Makes a Fan’s Night
-The Dad Joke of the Day
-The Dave’s Favorite Movie Quotes Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge

Big Dave Show Highlights for Monday, May 23rd!

-Nice shirt, Officer Nick!
-Is your boss spying on you at home? Matarese has the details!
-Tag’s Cafe in Colerain is helping Ashley with wedding cake distribution.
-Good Vibes: Singing Superintendent
-The Dad Joke of the Day.
-The Neighbor Day Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge!

Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, May 20th!

-Sweet & Spicy Truth Game: Hot for Teacher & Seaweed Crackers
-The Big Bone Lick Double Drive In
-Short Term Memory Game
-Jimmy’s 20th Graeter’s Anniversary!
-Officer Nick pimpin’ on his new mower.
-Good Vibes: Harry Styles’ Ring Returned
-The Dad Joke of the Day.
-The College of Hollywood Knowledge