The Big Dave Show Podcast

The Big Dave Show on B-105 in Cincinnati is all about “Good Country Fun!” They get your day started with the latest stories, Chelsie’s College of Hollywood Knowledge and The Big Dave Phone Hacks. Listen for interviews with the biggest stars in country music and stories about the crazy lives of Big Dave, Chelsie, Stattman and Ashley. You just never know what will happen, so make sure you download the latest every day!

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Latest Episodes

Big Dave Phone Hack: She's in Labor!

-Whitney wanted us to Phone Hack her mother and tell her that she’d gone into labor and we were driving her to the hospital. Mean, right? Did we do it?

Big Dave Show Highlights for Monday, January 11th!

-Where’s your Stimulus Check? John Matarese has some answers! -What the Hell Line: Take Down Your Christmas Inflatables! -NFL Wild Card Weekend wasn’t good news for the Bengals. -Ashley’s Rat…

Good Vibes: 7,000 Christmas Cards!

Ohio Valley Manor asked for kind-hearted people to send in a few Christmas cards for their residents and the response was overwhelming! 🙂

Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, January 8th!

-Ashley’s She Shed has an overnight intruder….a gross one! -Morgan Wallen Highlights! -The Big Bone Lick Double Drive-In! -Good Vibes: Polar Bear Grandparents! -The Dad Joke of the Day! -Friday…