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Paris Hilton & ‘Jurassic World’ Producer To Clone Woolly Mammoths – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Paris Hilton and a billionaire ‘Jurassic World’ producer are among The  Investors in a Dallas tech firm that Plan To resurrect The extinct woolly mammoths

Technology firm Colossal Biosciences seeks to create modern versions of the extinct woolly mammoth.

The company plans on using mammoth DNA that has been frozen in ice for thousands of years and combining it with modern-day genetic material from Asian elephants in order to create a hybrid animal that most closely resembles the extinct creature. They recently raised $75 million.  The investors include Paris Hilton and Jurassic World producer Thomas Tull.  It plans to fight climate change by populating tundra in Russia and Canada with the animals, which will stomp cold snow down and preserve permafrost.  Permafrost is the frozen ground found near the Earth’s poles. When it thaws, it releases carbon dioxide and may effect climate change.