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372: TWEEN WEEK – Tweens Talk Physical Fitness vs Video Games

This week we’ll be discussing a series of topics that a group of 5th graders asked to discuss on this podcast. In each tween episode, they’ll be accompanied by their 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Lakes. In this episode 2 boys, both 11 years old, wanted to discuss their experience with physical fitness and why they believe it’s important when it’s …

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Amanda and Jesse Podcast 9/17/19

Jesse hates critters of all types and this past weekend, he tried getting a rogue frog out of his girlfriend’s laundry room while it was hanging out in a drainage pipe. Hear what happened.  See the video below. Jesse freaks out over a frog Hear Jesse scream trying to get a trapped-frog out of his girlfriend's laundry room drain. Posted …

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