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Big Dave Show Highlights for Monday, April 6th!

-WCPO Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark is trying to do the weather from home but her kids have other plans! -Chelsie’s husband is Breaking Brad! -John Matarese on the great haircut dilemma! -Good Vibes: New York Landlord -The Dad Joke of the Day! -The Mozapeezapizapan Phone Hack On Demand! -The Cinderella Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge! Jennifer Ketchmark’s Home TV …

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Pound This Podcast: Pandemic Workplace Wellness With Maggie Gough

Maggie Gough, founder and CEO of Realize Wellbeing, has dedicated her life to helping create workplaces that exude energy and innovation through their vibrant, thriving people. In this episode, we discuss our new workplace through a pandemic and what wellbeing looks like for the employer and the employee. Find Maggie here: Facebook HERE! Website HERE! Find my Instagram HERE! You …

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