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Pound This Podcast: Shay’s Weight Loss Journey – Week 7

Shay is giving us weekly updates on her weight loss journey! Shay has been overweight since childhood, has attempted many diets and finally has found success! She’s already lost 88 pounds as of 1/31/20, and will be sharing her journey as reaches for her goal to lose another 50. Hear Shay’s journey and tips for success in this episode! Find …

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Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, March 13th!

-Chelsie’s daughter tells us all about the Non-Traditional Instruction she’s starting on Monday! -Statt volunteered yesterday to help the teachers get ready for the kids to work for home! -Dave’s trip to Kroger! -Grover’s trip to CostCo! -The Dad Joke of the Day! -The Friday Phone Hack Flashback: Ashley’s Salon -Good Vibes: The Pizza Delivery -Kerry vs Chelsie

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