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PAC Worldwide: B105.1 Million Dollars Worth Of Work


PAC Worldwide Is Hiring A Bunch Of Different Jobs

Job Title: Machine Operator I
Department: Production Location: Middletown, OH
Reports To: Shift SupervisorSummary: As the Machine Operator I, you will operate, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain a machine in a fast-paced manufacturing environment. To succeed in this position, you must be able to read and understand work orders and special instructions related to machine operation and maintenance. You will be responsible for maintaining standard operations of the machine including making adjustments and changes depending on the situation and work order requirements. You will become proficient at machine maintenance and techniques to achieve product quality standards.The Machine Operator I must adhere to all plant safety standards and be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment around machinery. Good time management, interpersonal skills and attention to detail are required for success in this position. The ideal candidate will have a high school diploma or its equivalency and at least 6 months of manufacturing work history, as well as the desire to work with a team to meet shared goals and achieve product quality standards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
· Read and understand work orders, including special instructions
· Print labels and adhere to finished goods and pallets
· Enter a Safety, Maintenance, and/or Planning request when needed
· Complete necessary changeovers in the allotted time
· Complete proper shift turnover process
· Demonstrate full proficiency and proper Operator techniques for at least one machine within Machine Group meeting quality standards. Machine Groups are currently defined as Paper, Poly, Sideweld/Wickets, and Auxiliary (Bubble, etc.)
· Meet production and throughput standards
· Execute machine operating procedures such as: adjust tension control, unwind, roll change, perform regular maintenance and adjustments and troubleshooting (specific tasks will vary per machine) Set up, operate, and maintain label applicator bander Case Sealing (Tape) machine, including adjustments and troubleshoot issues with the machines
· Move the punch, release liner, bubble piercer, and cooling bars safely and efficiently
· Understand and perform machine-specific Preventative Maintenance
· Ability to work 12-hour shifts with mandatory overtime, including weekends
· Other duties as assigned.

Safety & Housekeeping Duties and Responsibilities:

· Adhere to all Plant Safety policies and procedures, including identifying the location of machine safety devices (E-Stop, light curtains, etc.), demonstrating and understanding the process of reporting all incidents, injuries, illnesses, and first aid, demonstrating and understanding the proper Lock Out/Tag Out procedures, and always using proper PPE for processes that require additional PPE
· Safely and efficiently stop the machine for any reason or concern such as safety, quality, production, or jams
· Safely and efficiently clean the knife of foreign debris and add glue to the glue tank, when needed
· Inspect and utilize hoist safely and efficiently
· Maintain a clean and orderly work area by removing scrap, dumping trash, keeping floors swept, etc.

Job Title: Machine Packer I
Department: Production Location: Middletown, OH
Reports To: Shift Supervisor


As the Machine Packer I, you will be responsible for packing product off machines and into containers according to customer specifications. You will be required to read and understand stacking diagrams and complete stacking accordingly, while maintaining product integrity. The Machine Packer ensures safety, quality, and production standards are met or exceeded by measuring and testing products, identifying defects and correcting them “and notifying operators, supervisors, and/or leads in cases of poor safety, quality, and production standards. You must be confident in identifying safety sensitive situations around machine equipment and keep pace with machine throughput capabilities. The ideal candidate will demonstrate good interpersonal skills and have achieved a high school diploma or its equivalency and at least 6 months of manufacturing work history.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

· Pack product off machine per orientation on stacking diagrams
· Pack product into cartons without deforming the product
· Ensure carton quantity is correct and every carton is labeled appropriately
· Measure and test product for defects and quality, notify operator and/or stop machinery if needed
· Maintain a pace that keeps up w/ machine throughput capabilities
· Understand how to operate E-stops and have the ability to identify safety sensitive situations that would require use of an E-stop (add lockout/tagout)
· Properly set up and operate case sealing machine(s)
· Assist machine operator and other team members as needed (including, but not limited to, stacking cartons, screening bags, cleaning work area, and assisting nearby packers when assigned machine is down)
· Practice safe work and personal behavior with regards to equipment and task, including reporting near misses and use of first aid
· Maintain a clean and orderly work area ensuring any instances of poor housekeeping are addressed and fixed quickly
· Must maintain good attendance habits
· Successfully complete the requirements of new hire orientation
· Successfully complete the training required of the position
· Become fully proficient in packing, at a minimum, one core product type based on company standards, with the flexibility to move to different machinery (when requested)
· Position requires the ability to work up to 12 hours/shift
· Must be able to work overtime as needed (based on production and department needs)
· Other related duties may be assigned as necessary

The jobs pay $20 -23 per hour for Operators, $14-15 per hour for Packers

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