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Official Bigfoot Hunting Season – Here’s What’s Snappenin’!

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There’s Now A $2.1 Million Bounty On Bigfoot In Oklahoma

The intent isn’t to kill or harm Bigfoot, it’s to track him down, so there are some rules in place to ensure that Bigfoot will be captured humanely.

The whole reason for the proposed legislation was to drum up interest from tourists wanting to visit Southeastern Oklahoma which “boasts the ninth most sightings in the world” of Bigfoot. The initial plan was for lawmakers to put aside $25,000 for anyone who could capture Bigfoot and bring him in. But he said an upcoming Hollywood Bigfoot movie pledged around $2 million, while another private business promised an additional $100,000. That eliminated any need for state funding.

The No. 1 rule — Sasquatchers must capture Bigfoot unharmed and can’t injure anyone else or break any laws in the process. “We’ve got to get some language, make sure that we protect Bigfoot and that we protect the public (so) that nobody is injured,” Officials said.

The current plan is to allow businesses along Oklahoma 259A, which runs through Beavers Bend State Park, to sell annual Bigfoot tracking permits, he said. Profits from the sales would stay in the local communities.
Pinnell said Bigfoot legislation is not needed, nor probably the right move for Oklahoma. “We were concerned with his idea of sending people into the woods to trap a Bigfoot,” Pinnell said. “(We) certainly didn’t want to harm any individuals or Bigfoots for that matter.” Click Here For Link To Official Hunting Rules