Million Dollars Worth of Work

Novalex B105.1 Million Dollars Worth of Work


Production Associate

Job Title: Feeder/Packer/Stacker Division: Packaging
Department: Forming Status: Hourly
Supervisor: Shift Supervisor Pay Range: Entry

While working in a safe, effective manner, keeping quality in mind at all times, working in a cooperative team environment to feed, remove and package Burrows Paper Corporation products. Completing the entire finishing process through date coding, case taping and palletizing of all finished cases, including accurate paperwork throughout the entire forming process and inventory control.

1. Knows and comprehends basic start-up/shut down of all related equipment (i.e. formers, tape machine stretch wrapper, computers, etc.).
2. Inspects/loads F-Flute or other blanks into former hoppers.
3. Removes completed boxes from discharge end of former.
4. Inspects completed boxes to verify conformance to customer specifications, discarding all non-conformance materials.
5. Shuts down any equipment when malfunctioning or producing non- conforming materials.
6. Wraps completed, inspected product in bags if required, or other required packaging material.
7. Able to feed any former and pack finished product into shipping container for shipment.

Starting Pay $14.00