Million Dollars Worth of Work

Newport Racing & Gaming: B105.1 Million Dollars Worth of Work

Gaming Technicians, Surveillance Operators, Security Officers, Cage Cashiers, Count Team

Gaming Technician – responsible for repairing, maintaining, and monitoring the operation of assigned electronic gaming devices. Participates in movement of any gaming-related equipment.

Surveillance Operator – vigilant in observing all areas of the gaming facility and surrounding areas and reports all procedural infractions and criminal activity to the Surveillance leader on duty.

Security Officer – help maintain a safe and secure environment for all guests and employees.

Cage Cashier – responsible for the redemption of tickets/vouchers, performing Check Cashing/Cash Advance transactions for guests, and assuring that guests have a favorable gaming experience.

Count Team – Responsible for collecting gaming device drop boxes from machines, obtain drop boxes from storage carts, open and empty un-audited money out of all boxes, running money through the currency counter for count, record cash and paperwork activity on the drop count sheets, verify each shift’s bundles and strapped currency, keying information into the computer.