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New Ways Thieves Are Stealing Gas – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Cops have warned to keep a look out for thieves with cordless drills, drilling into gas tanks and draining the gas into catch pans. But in Houston, gas thieves have a new approach.  Driving a mini-van over the top of a gas station tank, opening a trap door, dropping a hose in and pumping the fuel out.



After a three-day theft spree, they siphoned 1,000’s of gallons of diesel from an underground tank worth almost $5,000.

Jerry Thayil, who caught them in action on surveillance footage chased them away on foot. but the thieves, using a minivan with a TRAP-DOOR got away.  

The criminals also had a nice black Porsche SUV running lookout and blocking the view from inside the store. They are believed to have moved on to a different city.

The theft comes as gas prices nationally averaged $4.43 for a gallon of regular. In Cincinnati gas price avg is $4.087, Diesel is at $4.983.

California has the highest price at $5.34 a gallon.