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New Record For World’s Loudest Burp – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


An Australian man broke a decade-old Guinness World Record when he let out a burp measured at 112.4 decibels.



Similar to Concerts, Car horns or Sporting events

Louder than an average electric drill or a trombone!

The Band KISS performs at 136 DB.

He could literally make your ears ring.

Neville Sharp, said his wife encouraged him to go for the record, and he spent five years preparing by honing the strength and noise level of his belches.

Sharp said the most difficult part of the record was gathering the proper equipment to accurately measure the volume.

He drank beer to create his burp.

“My reason for attempting to break this record was to be a world record holder. Neville told Guinness.

The record for the loudest burp (female) is held by Elisa Cagnoni who recorded 107.0 db burp at the 13th annual Hard Rock Beer festival in Italy, back in 2009.