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Mystery of Jetpack Man Near LA Airport Solved – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

hereswhatssnappenin (1)

It wasn’t a man with a jetpack.  It was a drone, that looked like a man with a jetpack (allegedly).

Months after a report from airline pilots about seeing a person flying alongside them using a jet pack at Los Angeles International Airport.   It remained as curious and unexplained as ever.  Newly obtained documents from the Federal Aviation Administration show officials there were also stumped after the first sighting.  But the mystery may have been solved.

FBI interviewed an American Airlines pilot that made the jetpack sighting.  The piolot said “It was exactly like the drone in the Youtube video below.”

Here is the video:

RC flying man (Manni Quinn) Pilot and Builder: Ralph Kayser have some questions to answer.

In the end, the case of the “jet pack guy” is very much open. The FAA officials investigating the matter have been exploring similar cases but we still have no conclusive idea as to what or who the elusive Los Angeles rocketeer actually is.