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Men With These Types Of Pets Are More Likely To Cheat – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


STUDY: Men With Pet Rabbits and Hamsters Are Most Likely to Cheat

A recent survey reveals that men who keep either of two pets are more likely to cheat on you. Read on to discover what your partner’s choice of pet can let you know about their fidelity.  According to a study of 2,991 single men, conducted by pet website Moggy or Doggy

Men with rabbits are most likely to cheat.

64 percent of men who own rabbits said that they’ve had at least one affair.

Men with hamsters came in at a close second.

The study found that 53 percent of hamster owners admitted to having had an affair.

Dog owners are the most loyal pet parents. 

 Just 30 percent of dog owners said they’d had an affair.

 In fact, Moggy or Doggy’s study found that men with no pets had the fewest affairs, with just 29 percent admitting to cheating.

Here’s the breakdown:

Pets %Cheated
1 Rabbit 64%
2 Hamster 53%
3 Fish 46%
4 Cat 43%
5 Horse 43%
6 Reptile 40%
7 Bird 35%
8 Dog 30%
No pet 29%