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Matthew McConaughey Launches YouTube Channel – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

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Alright, Alright, Alright


Matthew McConaughey has vast experience and the wisdom gained from it. And he’d like to share. The actor has officially launched a YouTube channel, because…well, why not?

“I want to welcome you to my YouTube channel,” the actor said in his launch video, which he posted to Twitter Monday evening. “It’s a destination where I’m going to share who I am, who I’m not, what I believe in, what I don’t, what I’m doing, what I’m not doing, along with some approaches to life that I’ve found useful and constructive along the way.”

McConaughey joins a huge roster of A-list celebrities who have personal YouTube channels, such as Brie Larson, Will Smith and even Zac Efron. It looks like McConaughey will attempt to be more like Larson’s model of YouTube channel. “show the world that you’re a normal person even though you’re a big-time actor and drop some fun tidbits and info for your fans while you’re at it.”