Million Dollars Worth of Work

L’Oreal USA – Florence Manufacturing: B105.1 Million Dollars Worth of Work



Packaging Operator (3rd Shift) & Processor (2nd Shift)

Machine Operators are responsible for the operation of packaging lines. This includes start-up and shut down, monitoring, identification of line issues, troubleshooting and making adjustments and repairs. A Machine Operator must have working knowledge of the production process, items produced, and equipment utilized in maintaining production within specific norms and standards. At all times, Machine Operators must maintain a safe work environment, follow all safety procedures, and complete all physical demands listed in the “Physical Demands” section using safe ergonomic techniques. A Machine Operator must ensure that all production meets our quality standards and is completed in a safe manner aligned with our Quality and Safety Policies. Machine Operators are line owners and must make independent decisions on line operation daily, knowing when to involve others. They are responsible for leading TPM methodologies on their lines and are required to regularly use hand tools to address maintenance needs. Machine operators must be willing to support the mechanic assigned to their lines with major machine repairs. Machine operators must be willing to execute formula and equipment changeovers on their lines. Machine operators must follow all inventory control procedures and ensure accurate inventory levels are maintained.PROCESSOR
General responsibilities of this position include the operation of scales, pumps, mixing, and material handling equipment for the pre-weigh of chemicals; preparation of requests for chemicals from Pre-weigh listing to the warehouse; and the compounding of batches to supply filling lines. you will be responsible for weighing materials & manufacturing bulk product.