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Jet Pack Man Is Back!! – Here’s What’s Snappenin!


Back in 2020, there were multiple reports from pilots saying they saw a guy in a jetpack flying around as they landed at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Pilots had the jetpack guy hovering around 6,000 feet 7 miles of LAX. He was spotted unofficially in July 2021 Close to the last sighting.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, at about 2:45 p.m.15 miles from LAX, a pilot reported to the tower, that someone wearing a jetpack appeared to be flying at around 4,500 feet. The tower reached out to other planes.  Listen to our Podcast for all the fun:

The FBI and FAA are once again investigating. Authorities have yet to come up with a confirmed explanation.

There is a strong theory:  It appears one of the pilots that saw the Unidentified Flying Person told investigators he’d watched a YouTube video featuring a mannequin attached to a Duo-copter drone that looked virtually identical to what he’d observed outside his aircraft. So a drone. Or a billionaire testing out his latest crime fighting suit.