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Hidden Camera Backfires On Actor’s Ex-Wife – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Rob Riggle’s divorce from his wife, Tiffany, after 21 years of marriage has taken a dramatic, new turn after the actor accused her of hacking his Apple account, taking $28,000 from his home office, and spying on him with a hidden camera.



According to court documents obtained by TMZ, following Tiffany’s divorce filing in October of last year, the actor was staying in a smaller home they own, allowing Tiffany and their two children to remain in the family’s main residence. Shortly after that, he says, $28,000 in emergency cash that he kept in his home office went missing. Since his estranged wife had access to the second home, Riggle says he confronted her about the large sum of missing money, but she denied knowing anything about the disappearance.

Riggle then goes on to allege that Tiffany hacked into his Apple account, downloading his emails, texts, contacts, and photos. The actor says he began to grow suspicious that he was being watched after he noticed that his estranged wife somehow knew about private conversations he’d had in his home office either with or about his girlfriend and assistant. He claims that either she or other anonymous sources would then send texts and emails referencing these personal conversations. Because of Tiffany’s sudden inside information about his life, Riggle says that he and his girlfriend decided to plant some false information to see if it would get leaked to his estranged wife.

After that ploy, Riggle says, his suspicions were confirmed. In response the actor decided in April to have his home swept for devices that might be spying on him, claiming to have found a camera hidden in one of his smoke detectors. He says the camera had a memory card with more than 10,000 videos stored on it. He believes the camera was installed in August 2020 and had likely been watching him ever since. The actor claims that one of those videos shows Tiffany standing on a ladder installing the spy camera, while another shows her sitting on the floor of his office counting money, which he believes to be the $28,000 that went missing. Riggle has been granted a temporary restraining order against his ex, and another hearing is set for July regarding his request to have all of the footage obtained from the hidden camera analyzed by a forensic expert.