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Here’s What’s Snappenin’ – Giant Snake In The Supermarket


A Snake slithered out of the spice shelves at a Sydney supermarket

Helaina Alati, 25, was at Woolworths when a 10 foot diamond python snake slithered out.

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Helaina is a wildlife rescuer and familiar with snakes, recognized it wasn’t venomous and it wasn’t scared.

“He was looking straight at me the whole time, almost like he was saying: ‘Can you take me outside please?'” she said.

She retrieved a snake bag from her home, returned to the store, “tapped him on the tail and he just slithered in”.

She then released it in the bushland

Helaina said she suspected the snake had been in the shop overnight, probably initially in the ceiling where diamond pythons like to nestle.

It had probably lurked on the shelf all morning as “dozens of people… passed it and grabbed spices”, she added.

She was rewarded with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate.

Here is a news story from Australia: