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Here’s What’s Snappenin’- 24 Hours In A Pool Of Bean Dip

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Hunter Ray Barker drummed up customers for Los Toros Mexican Restaurant while getting a tattoo of its logo



A California stunt performer who spent 24 hours in an inflatable pool full of bean dip says it was “one of the best feelings in the world.”

Hunter Ray Barker pulled off the gooey publicity stunt Tuesday in support of Los Toros Mexican Restaurant near Los Angeles, which has been struggling to draw in customers during the pandemic.

“When it was hot, it would feel like you’re in a hot tub of beans,” Barker said

“When it got cold, it got cold. But, you know, those hot moments were just phenomenal.”

He also used the time to get a tattoo of the Los Toros logo, which features three bulls, courtesy of Captain Todd of Nathan’s Tattoos & Piercings.

He says his skin’s a bit red now from all the sunshine, but the tattoo is “looking fantastic.”

“As you can probably guess, I love Los Toros and I’ve been going with my family for over 20 years,” he said. “Not only that, Los Toros is a staple restaurant for the stunt community. Stunt performers have been going to Los Toros forever.”

Barker started going with his dad, who is also a stuntman.

When asked what he did when nature called, Barker explained that he had a funnel attached to his person for anytime he needed to go “No. 1”

“For No. 2, I switched up my diet that week, so none of that happened,” he said.

He’s not sick of the stuff yet, he said. “I will be back tonight.”