Jesse & Anna

Here’s all the answers to the 5 at 5:25!


Congrats to Monica who correctly answered all 5 country music trivia questions to win a record-setting $1850 in the 5 at 5:25. We had been working on these questions since August 26 of 2020!

1. This country singer says when they’re looking for peace, they go to their backyard. (Russell Dickerson)

2. Someone once bought this country artist a taser for their birthday. (Lee Brice)

3. This country artist says when they’re angry at someone, they try to say something uplifting, rather than their initial reaction. (Ashley McBryde)

4. This country singer says their favorite type of liquor is tequila. (Travis Denning)

5. This country singer likes gas station food. (Jon Pardi)