Jesse & Anna

Here’s all the answers in the 5 at 5:25!


After 8 months, we FINALLY got a winner in the 5 at 5:25.  Congrats to Steve Veldkamp who won $1530!!  The 5 questions and answers were:


  1. This country artist says their favorite country star is Keith Whitley.   (Morgan Wallen)
  2. This country artist says the super power they wish they had is to be able to text while running on a treadmill. (Michael Ray)
  3. This country artist says almost everyone he knows talks about eating healthy, while he eats tacos. (Kane Brown)
  4. This country artist said they would rather eat bacon grease than the creme inside of an Oreo.  (Matt Stell)
  5. This country artist said up that up til recently, the only seafood they ever eaten was popcorn shrimp. (Kane Brown)