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Grandma Set Up Tinder Profile For Grandson: Here’s What’s Snappenin’

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A bachelor was surprised when a Tinder profile was set up for him to find a girlfriend.  Scott Lefever, 28, had no idea that his 82-year-old grandmother Trina Lazarus, had created a Tinder profile for him.

What came as a bigger surprise was that grandma described Scott as “untidy” and a “useless cook”.

The hilarious yet honest profile reads, “Hi, I’m Trina, Scott’s nan. He has been single near-on two years now and I think he needs my help, so I’ve set him up on here to help him get a girlfriend. He’s 28, no kids, a lovely grandson, very untidy, needs a girlfriend who can cook unless you fancy beans on toast.”

“He is a very hard worker and is a fantastic tea maker, loves his film and TV, not a sporty boy but does love a walk. His favourite meal is a Chinese takeaway, well that’s all, if you want to know any more swipe right,” the granny added.

Scott, from Brentwood, Essex, was initially embarrassed.

“I was a bit annoyed off when I found out, but I quickly saw the funny side. It was some of the trash about me being untidy I thought was a bit harsh but she means well,” Scott said.

“I’ve got 26 matches now since Wednesday, I haven’t messaged them all but I have text a couple. There’s no dates yet, I have just been saying hello to see what happens,” he said.

Scott added, “This is the first time my Nan has done anything like this, she is always telling me, and I just couldn’t believe it.”

The mischievous grandmother wasn’t expecting that her grandson would such a good response. “He’s 28 now, I want to see him settle down before I go. He’s a nice guy and is always looking after me, he’s a good lad deep down,” she said.