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Funny Parody Music Videos Bringing Business To Rivertown – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

Hereswhatssnappenin (1)

Mike Carr is a musician and consultant for the Rivertown IGA.  He started making parody music videos to drum up some business for the grocery store.

“People are loving what we do. So now people are driving 45 minutes away to come shop at the store because of all the goofy things we’ve been doing,” said Mike Carr.

He’s made videos like “Every Cart You Take” by The Police:

Mike is a modern day Weird Al. He’s also done songs by Pink Floyd “Another Truckload of Meat is All”

Mike actually got the former drummer of Black Sabbath, Vinny Appice, to play on “Meat Sales Man”

Click here for that video:

“It’s a crack up, I mean me and my girlfriend watching it mike’s definitely nuts, so it’s all fun,” said Appice.

And the fun will continue, Mike is making lots more music.

“I want to see this town grow so for me this is my part to help this local business grow and let people know it exists and get them to come from out of town,” said Carr.