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Friend’s Themed House In Dayton Ohio – Here’s What’s Snappenin’!


Why Watch Friend’s on TV when you can live it!

Listen to our podcast for all the fun:

Rachel Gannon is the owner of a “Friends Theme House” for sale in Dayton Ohio
-Her business started with an Airbnb themed like the Haunted Mansion near Disney World in Florida.
-Gannon didn’t necessarily want to sell the house, she said she needs to free up time for other projects.
The house includes:
-All the art on the walls is spot-on.
-The door is purple and the living room and kitchen are perfect.
-Hugsy the stuffed penguin is on Joey’s bed.
-“The race car bed was the biggest deal. She found it online and I sent her husband to Toledo to pick it up,”
-Even the bathroom has the claw-foot tub.
Sadly the house sold already