The Big Dave Show Podcast

World’s Larges Slime Volcano – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

Youtuber Mark Rober (Former NASA & Apple Engineer) is awesome.  Last year he failed at making a giant slime volcano.  Only reaching 60 feet, but still impressive. The bottom blew out.  Mark spent the next year building a stronger, bigger container. 5 Ton giant beaker. He threw a party with a pool full of 26 million Orbies.  Made a giant bubble party and set up everything for the huge explosion. Mark Rober makes Elephant Tooth Paste Slime with Hydrogen Peroxide, liquid Soap, Food Coloring & Yeast (Potassium Iodide).  When the expanding oxygen gas gets trapped in the soapy mix, foam is rapidly created. Learn more by listening to our podcast.

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