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Old Vase In The Kitchen Sold For $1.5 Million – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

 There is nothing like finding treasure or discovering an ancient artifact that’s been sitting in your kitchen for decades that’s actually worth millions of dollars.
The artifact in question here is an 18th-century Chinese vase marked with the symbol of the Qianlong emperor who ruled from 1735 to 1795. It just sold at auction for $1,505,868.
It’s a royal blue vase that is quite stunning with gold and silver streaks and cranes and bats painted on it.
But to the UK family who doesn’t really recall when it was purchased or where it came from,
it was just ‘that thing’ sitting in the family’s kitchen since the 1980s.
The vase had passed through two generations of the family after it was initially purchased at an antiques store in the 1980s.
It remains a mystery how this vase made its way out of China.
The American University in Washington, DC.  said this ornate vase could’ve been a gift from the emperor to one of his officials that was then passed down through the generations then sold at an antiques store.
Or It could be the product of the military plunder of 1860 or 1901, which would make its auction much more questionable.
But that old thing sitting in the corner could be worth $1.5 Million dollars.

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