The Big Dave Show Podcast

Jet Pack Man Is Back!! – Here’s What’s Snappenin!

Back in 2020, there were multiple reports from pilots saying they saw a guy in a jetpack flying around as they landed at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
Pilots had the jetpack guy hovering around 6,000 feet 7 miles of LAX. He was spotted unofficially in July 2021 Close to the last sighting.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, at about 2:45 p.m.15 miles from LAX, a pilot reported to the tower, that someone wearing a jetpack appeared to be flying at around 4,500 feet. The tower reached out to other planes.  Listen to our Podcast for all the fun. The FBI and FAA are once again investigating. Authorities have yet to come up with a confirmed explanation. There is a strong theory:  It appears one of the pilots that saw the Unidentified Flying Person told investigators he’d watched a YouTube video featuring a mannequin attached to a Duo-copter drone that looked virtually identical to what he’d observed outside his aircraft. So a drone. Or a billionaire testing out his latest crime fighting suit.

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