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Florida Man Catches Gator In Trash Can – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

A Florida man took out the trash this week and may have saved his neighbors from an angry alligator in the process.
The hero is a man named Abdul Malik a former combat veteran from Philadelphia.  He has zero experience with gators.
Malik, wearing slides with socks, shorts and a tee, slowly approached the reptile head-on with the trash can. Like a lion tamer with a chair. Then, the clutch move,  flipping the trash can lid and hitting the gator on the head, stunning it enough to charge with the bin and force it into the wheeled trash can.
Onlookers screamed and cheered as Malik then flipped the trash can up, capturing the reptile
He released in in a near-by pond.
Jonathan Mann, was inspired by Malik.  He wrote a song about the whole story.

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