Sunday Morning Magazine with Rodney Lear

Dr. Ian Smith (The Clean 20) May 20, 2018–Segment #3

Dr. Ian Smith, TV host and #1 bestselling author, The Clean 20: 20 Foods, 20 Days, Total Transformation! Dr. Ian Smith, who is a former co-host of The Doctors and currently the medical contributor for The Rachael Ray Show. He was the diet expert on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club for six seasons. His new book THE CLEAN 20: 20 Foods, 20 Days, Total Transformation, is just out and already on the New York Times bestsellers list, as well as hitting #1 on Amazon. In the book, Dr. Ian lays out the basic concepts behind clean eating—reducing the amount of processed foods, added sugars, and unnecessary additives in the foods we eat, in order to give our bodies and minds the best fuel possible. The book includes a completed 20-day clean eating program with a flexible meal plan and important motivation for each day, as well as 60 recipes and substitutions, and a variety of 20-minute, easy-to-work-in workouts.