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Cincinnati Zoo’s Baby Cheetah Get’s A Companion Puppy – Here’s What’s Snappenin’!

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden announced that the new cheetah cub, Rozi, will soon be introduced to her own puppy companion, Daisy, so the animals can be friends as Rozi grows.
The Ohio zoo adopted Daisy from Animal Rescue Fund, Inc., where the puppy has five litter mates looking for forever families, the Cincinnati Zoo shared on Facebook.
Daisy won’t be the only puppy prowling the Cincinnati Zoo with a cheetah.
Kris, another cheetah at the facility, has grown up with their dog companion, Remus, met in 2019.
Kris and Remus still have sleepovers together most nights and play in the running yard. They don’t play with the same kind of energy and enthusiasm as when they were youngsters, but they still enjoy each other’s company.
Typically female cheetahs will separate from their mothers and siblings at 2 years old, and Kris is two ½ now.
Be sure to check the cheetah running yard to see if they are out and about!

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