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Animal Control Rescued Rare Bird That Turned Out To Be Fake – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

New Jersey Animal Control “Rescued” a Rare Parrot. Tim Lynch saw a parrot in a tree in the woods in Princeton, New Jersey, he was alarmed, thinking someone’s exotic bird must have flown out a window.  He took a photo and sent it to his nephew in the Princeton Police Department.  Jim Ferry was dispatched, an animal control officer. As Lynch and the officer creeped close to the bird, they realized it was a ceramic bird someone must have placed in the tree.  The Parrot was brought back to the Princeton police department in a cage. It’s now perched inside the police station until its owner is located.

Now if you are on the west side of Cincinnati, you may see a real Parrot on top of a guy’s car. It’s fine. That’s how the bird rides.

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