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Drive Drunk & Kill Someone In Tennessee, You’re Financially Responsible For Their Kids- Here’s What’s Snappenin’


House Bill 1834 would require a person who is convicted of vehicular homicide to pay restitution in the form of child support if their victim was the parent of a minor.

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Each child of the victim would receive the restitution until they reach 18 years old and graduate high school.

-The bill differs from regular child support in that instead of basing the payment amounts on the income of the person paying, the payment amount is based on the child’s financial needs and the standard of living the children are used to.

-The bill passed both the Tennessee state House and Senate unanimously.

-It is officially named Ethan, Hailey, and Bentley’s Law.

-Those are the names of Tennessee police officer Nicholas Galinger’s children, who were killed by a drunk driver in 2019.

-Now let’s remember there are fines, jail time and lawyers that will get money also.

-Similar bills are being voted on in other states.