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Dogs Are Key To Having Concerts Again – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

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The Miami Heat is Using COVID-Sniffing Dogs To Allow Fans Back In The Arena

The Heat plan to allow about 2,000 fans into games for the first time this NBA season.   They will play the L.A. Clippers on January 28, being the first to have real-life human beings watching from onsite.



Here is the strategy they will use to allow fans back into the arena:

  • All guests and employees must be screened by the canine team prior to entering.
  • If anyone in a party is signaled by a canine, all members of the party will not be permitted to enter. A staff member then will notify the next steps regarding ticketing. All members of a seating party must be screened together.
  • The dogs have been specifically trained to identify the active virus, and will not signal if someone entering has received the vaccine.
  • Parents are allowed to hold children during the canine screening process.
  • An opt-out of the canine screening is available. The alternative testing method comes at no cost but can take up to 45 minutes. Entry will not be allowed in such cases until cleared by the testing provider.
  • For those seated within 30 feet of the court, everyone above the age of five will be required to undergo an on-site rapid test. Parents/guardians will register on the behalf of minors.
  • If a guest becomes sick or doesn’t feel well during the game, isolation rooms will be available throughout the arena.


Here is how COVID-Sniffing Dogs are helping at Airports: