Million Dollars Worth of Work

Dewey’s Pizza: B105.1 Million Dollars Worth of Work


Service Team & Pizza Makers

At Dewey’s Pizza our purpose is:
We nourish our community.
We create exceptional experiences every day.
We are next level.

We are looking for warm, caring Service Team and Pizza Makers to join us for full-time and part-time opportunities!

We are a community, a family, a team. Our behaviors, actions, and attitudes matter – every shift, every day. Our Values are tangible tools, not printed words. Our standards are incredibly high.

This is not a culture for everyone, and we are OKAY with that. We have a ridiculous amount of fun at work AND we are deadly serious about what we do! WE CHANGE LIVES. WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE. WE LIVE OUR PURPOSE.

If this sounds interesting; we can’t wait to meet you.

We offer a variety of benefits including:
* A scheduling approach that is both flexible and consistent
* Raises based on achievements and contributions, not tenure
* Food perks
* Loyalty bonuses
* High safety standards
* Leadership and Management opportunities for high performers
* Healthcare benefits for employees who average 30+ hours/week
* Opportunity to advance in a growing company
* No experience



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