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Crow Meows for Food – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

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Clever Crow Learns To Meow After Watching Woman Give Food To Cats

In Turkey, animal lover Neslihan Orancı had been leaving food out on the patio for local cats to eat. Nowadays, when the food runs low, the cats let her know by meowing at her door for a refill.

Evidently, this routine didn’t go unnoticed. Neslihan was at home when that familiar sound caught her ear. Meowing from outside. But, looking through the window, Neslihan quickly discovered that it wasn’t a cat. It was actually a hooded crow who’d cleverly learned to meow so he could get free food.

“I was very surprised,” Naslihan said “I’ve never heard a crow speak like a cat!”

After the initial shock subsided, Neslihan of course gave the crow some food. And then she noticed he’d picked up other cat vocabulary.

“As he ate, he made the sound of an angry cat, the one cats make when they’re fighting,” Neslihan said, “so that any cats around would be scared away.”