Chris Stapleton Made A Wedding Dream Come True

Ryan braun2

Back when we did our B105 Humble and Kind Week we covered a story about a Ham.Co. Sheriff.  The Officer had to go find a truant child.  The kid was skipping school because he had to wear his moms shoes.  His no longer fit and she couldn’t afford new ones.  The kids at school teased him, so the child skipped school.  The sheriff found the boy and took him to the mall and got him some LeBron James Shoes.  They made a deal, if the boy got his grades up and become a model student he wouldn’t have to pay for the shoes.  The kid didn’t miss a day and got his grades up.
Officer Ryan Braun got engaged last year and they picked the date 8/27.  They also chose Chris Stapleton’s  “Tennesee Whiskey” as there first dance song. They were bummed when Riverbend announced a Chris Stapleton concert on 8/27, their wedding date.  They happened to be holding their reception next door at Coney Island.  Stars were so close to aligning that we had to make something happen.  The best friend of officer Braun’s mother has been a big part of his life.  She reached out to us to see if we could get a picture of the Bride and Groom with Chris Stapleton. After a lot of back and forth we made it happen.   They were whisked away on golf carts and brought over to Riverbend. Stephanie, the bride, had no idea what as going on.  We all went backstage and once the bride walked into the room with Chris everyone started crying.  The bride was overcome with emotion and the room was full of love.  Chris autographed a guitar for the couple and they took some pictures.   As soon as the last photo was taken the newly weds were rushed back to their reception.  It was beautiful.

We had the newly weds on to tell the story.



braun6 Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.Braun!