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Chicken Caught In Secure Area Of Pentagon – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


A wandering chicken was caught sneaking around a security area at the Pentagon

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The loose hen was found early Monday morning near the US Department of Defense headquarters, .

“Apparently, the answer to ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ is to get to the Pentagon,”

The chicken was taken into custody, They couldn’t reveal the precise location where the bird was spotted.

They can only say it was at a security checkpoint.

It’s also unclear where the chicken came from or how she got to the Pentagon.

The hen — which has brown feathers and a red comb and wattles — is a Rhode Island Red.

Officials described the bird as “sweet” and “nervous” but said she has allowed some people to pet her.

She’s now known as Henny Penny,

the name given to the chicken in “the sky is falling”  folk tale.

Henny Penny is being adopted by a staff member who has a small farm in western Virginia.

Some think she was looking for the colonel….. Sanders.