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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, April 5th!

    -Her three year-old daughter has too many activities? what does Scarecrow think? -Dave’s son came back from Spring Break with some BIG news! -Ashley’s Aunt April brought in her award winning deviled eggs! -Statt got a surprise from a anonymous listener! – …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Wednesday, April 3rd!

    -Why does Nicole from HR have a problem with Statt’s vehicle choice? -Out With Ashley: What Spring clothes are you excited to wear? -Rosemarie from Riverbend fills us in on the Summer Concerts! -Classic Phone Hack: Pam? -How did Leigh do against Chelsie t …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Tuesday, April 2nd!

    -Statt asked some middle school kids “what is your excuse for not having your homework?”! -Candy bar talk….remember the Chunky Bar? -The Skyline Exit Interview Phone Hack! -15% of adults do THIS once a day? -How did Kaitlinn do against Chelsie today?

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday, March 28th!

    -Why did Jesse Tack scream so LOUD? -How many bags of Fun Size Almond Joys did Big Dave eat last Halloween? Chelsie knows! -Opening Day Classic Phone Hack: Joey Votto is allergic to your Border Collie! -Opening Day Classic Phone Hack: My son is taking Ros …

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    The Wrecked Mustang and Great Dane Phone Hack!

    Crystal,  We’re sorry that you have to work with Earl.  Love,  The Big Dave Show Crystal  just moments after Phone Hack happened!

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Wednesday, March 27th!

    -Was Statt able to fix Ashley’s ceiling fan with zip ties and duct tape? -Dave’s son Darren has a fun math trick! -The Mustang and Great Dane Phone Hack! -12% of women have THIS and keep it a secret! -How did Rick from Augusta do against Chelsie?

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