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    The Pure Romance Phone Hack Fail

    Lauren wanted us to Phone Hack her best friend Brittany. Brittany is a Pure Romance Consultant and no matter what Dave threw at her, she had an answer…..

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Tuesday, February 12th!

    -Dave’s wife, Carri, called in to talk about their newest possible family member….Raisin. -Some new hedge trimmers for Valentines Day? This Phone Hack says so! -11% of women would dump their significant other for THIS! -Another Monica takes on Chelsie i …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Monday, February 11th!

    -Statt left his wife behind in the Fight for Air Climb! How does Kaila feel about that? -Brad Pitt showed up at Jennifer Aniston’s 50th Birthday Party! -John Matarese and the the dollar store pizza warning! -Two sisters argue about snakes on a brand new B …

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    Big Dave Phone Hack: Snake Problems!

    Olivia wanted us to do a Phone Hack on her sister, Natailie. Natalie has been having some snake problems in her house lately and she’s about to have some other problems as well…… …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, February 8th!

    -Everyone at work gets Valentines but her….What would Scarecrow Do? -Dave’s daughter bought 8 dollar air pods off Wish. What would Grover Do? -Chelsie’s Golden Retriever puppy found a puddle! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Your number was on the bottom of a Croc …

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    The Great St. Elizabeth Phone Hack Fail!

    The new record of busting Dave on a Phone Hack was set this morning and Tina from the St. Elizabeth Records Department is the new champion!

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday, February 7th!

    -Statt said the funniest thing while climbing the stairs at Good Sam and Dave can’t even! LOL -The Great St. Elizabeth Phone Hack Fail! -20% of people would rather spend an hour in jail then do THIS! -How did Elizabeth do against Chelsie in the Ashton Kut …

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    Send A Valentine To A Child At Children’s Hospital

    This year for Valentine’s Day the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is doing something special for the kids. People can click on the link and send kids who are in the hospital Valentines Day virtual cards.  There are a few to choose from and it’s free to do. …

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