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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Wednesday, May 29th!

    -Live Nude Scarecrows! -Air Fryer mishaps! -The Big Mac wants a FREE Big Mac Phone Hack! -10% of women do THIS but don’t want anybody to know about it? -Alisha and Chelsie go head to head in the College of Hollywood Knowledge! Click below to get your B-10 …

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    Drop Off Locations To Help Dayton Tornado Victims Drop Off Locations Set Up for Donations for Dayton …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights For Tuesday, May 28th!

    -We helped get Lady Antebellum ready for Vegas! -Why did Chelsie’s Great Dane Ace get a medal from her son? -The Bert B McLovin Phone Hack! -25% of guys say girls should never do THIS on a date? -Andrew and Chelsie had a great round today!

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, May 24th!

    -Mount Notre Dame Valedictorian Lauren Ulland took on Chelsie this morning! -Graeter’s and Braxton stopped by to show off their new Key Lime Pie Ice Cream and Beer! Plus, Big Dave’s Birthday Cake! -What’s new at Taste of Cincinnati this year? -Luke or Dar …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday, May 23rd!

    -Highlands High School Valedictorian Claire Tinkler took on Chelsie this morning! -He wants to move in together but there ain’t no ring yet! What would Scarecrow do? -Statt’s daughter Stacey ROCKED us! -Luke or Dare Toilet Flushing for tickets! -The Skyli …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Tuesday, May 21st!

    -Beechwood Valedictorian Jared Rowe took down Chelsie today! -Did Statt’s wife try to poison him? -Darlene knocked boots for Luke Bryan tickets! -The Florida Cancelled Your Vacation Phone Hack! -This will happen to the average person 17 times this Summer!

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