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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Monday, March 4th!

    -What’s emptying our kids’ school cafeteria accounts? -John Matarese says the person you’re talking to in the chat room might be a robot! -The Phone Hack that hacks…..literally! -10% of men have this happen within the first three months of marriage. -Ho …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, March 1st!

    -Anne needs advice about men from Scarecrow….AGAIN! -Graeter’s and Taste of Belgium unveil heaven on our show! -Big Dave Phone Hack: The Brave Little Toaster -1 in 8 adults can’t do this? Really? -How did Renee do against Chelsie this morning?

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    The Stratton Mower Phone Hack!

    Danny wanted us to do a Phone Hack on his co-worker Joe at Bramble Mower in Newtown and it had a nice even cut with now clippings left behind!

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday, February 28th!

    -Why was Dave’s 10 year old son up at 5:00 this morning? -Chelsie takes a quiz to determine her perfect wine! -The Stratton Mower Phone Hack! -18% of women say they are NOT ok when this happens on a first date. -Steve took on Chelsie this morning. How did …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Wednesday, February 27th!

    -Our HR Director Nicole weighs in on Statt taking the February 29th, 30th and 31st No Drinking Challenge! -When do people born on February 29th celebrate their Birthdays? -Phone Hack: Can I get 12 boxes of the Jason Mamoas Girl Scout Cookies? -How did Sam …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Tuesday, February 26th!

    -McKenna Brooks from The Scout Guide Cincinnati sheds some light on the charity event Statt crashed last Friday night! -Does Chelsie have Great Dane puppy fever? -Big Dave Phone Hack: My unicycle hit a pothole! -21% say this is a deal breaker with a guy! …

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    Big Dave Phone Hack: I Hit A Pothole On My Unicycle!

    -Nicole wanted us to Phone Hack her brother in law who works for the Miami Town Garage and complain about a pothole I hit while riding my unicycle on Interstate 24….

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Monday, February 25th!

    -Statt crashed a private event at Madtree Brewing? WTH? -Justin Moore called in with some BIG news! -John Matarese on Payless and Oscars! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Is my moonshine still deductible? -When THIS happens, it boosts your confidence for two days. – …

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