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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Wednesday, March 13th!

    -Statt gave up cookies for Lent so naturally we had Girl Scouts deliver 30 boxes to the show! -A Phone Hack On Demand for our Girl Scouts! -Women end a first date if a guy does THIS too much? -How did Chelsie do on her first day back?

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Tuesday, March 12th!

    -St. Elizabeth ER Nurse Terry Foster joins us to talk about the Flu outbreak. -Dave and Darren take the Vans Challenge! -Phone Hack with Not Dickie V and Sasquatch! -Phone Hack on Demand: Guido the Yoga Parrot! -Phone Hack on Demand: Angry Fortnite Mom! – …

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    A “Psychic” Phone Hack on a Bride to Be!

    Staci wanted us to do a Phone Hack on her daughter Monica. Monica is getting married in October and is primed to be messed with! Check it out!

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Monday, March 11th!

    -The Flu has hit our workplace pretty hard! Is John Matarese Case #1? -John Matarese on more stores closing! -Statt’s brother, Tom, joins us to review the new blockbuster “Captain Marvel”! -A psychic Phone Hack on a bride to be! -Chelsie was out today. He …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, March 8th!

    -Molly’s husband doesn’t clean up the mess after he trims his beard and Scarecrow doesn’t like that! -Statt asks some 1st Graders do imitate the noises their dads make! -The Diesel Powered Pressure Washer Phone Hack! -Couples who do THIS are happier? -Did …

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    Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday, March 7th!

    -What did Statt give up for Lent and what do people think about it? -Chelsie’s son finally brought home his hand turkey from Thanksgiving and you won’t believe what he was thankful for this year! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Can you say Diocese? -Aaron tries to …

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    Something Fishy Tour 2019

    This Lenten Season, make sure to join us for one or two of the stops on our Something Fishy Tour 2019! Come on out for some fish, fun and fellowship!

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