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Busted Smuggling Goetta At CVG – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


The Transportation Security Administration had to double-check Chelsea Trinidad’s luggage on her way out of town all because it was suspicious.

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Traveling to her home in Tulsa after visiting family in Cincinnati she tweeted a photo of the eight rolls of goetta she brought with her to remember her trip.

“Yes, that’s 8 rolls of goetta sausage. Yes, I got stopped by TSA,” Chelsea Trinidad tweeted. “Yes, they all laughed when they opened my bag.”

Despite that happening back in March, the TSA took to its Instagram account on Tuesday to have some fun with the incident.

“We found the beef… and the pork!?” they wrote. “This isn’t the wrust bag we’ve ever seen. We aren’t feeding you bologna here when we say solid foods are good to go in either your carry-on or checked bags. Doesn’t matter how you stuff it in there either. Cause quite frank-ly why not?”