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Book Returned To Library 110 Years Late – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Idaho Librarians Are Stunned by The Return of A Book Due More Than a Century Ago.



Anne Marie Martin is the librarian on the 110 year old case.

A book returned to an Idaho library was so long overdue that there was no record of it in the catalog.

The book, New Chronicles of Rebecca,

a sequel to the classic Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm,

was originally checked out from the Carnegie Public Library in Boise in 1910.

It turned up in the Garden City Library last month, but it was sent over to the Boise Public Library

“it’s in very good shape,” Martin said.

There’s no record of who checked the book out, but in sifting through records that do exist, library staff saw that the book was marked as gone—either lost or just missing.

Inside the book is a warning and the fee if returned late

That would put the fine at roughly $800 for a book that goes for like $5 these days.

Luckily they never charge more than the cost of the book for the fine,”

 The book will be on display instead of returning to circulation.