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Birth Announcement Exposed Cheating Husband – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Mother claims she discovered her husband of TEN YEARS was cheating after reading a local newspaper birth announcement celebrating the arrival of his SECOND baby with ‘some other woman’



TikTok user Ami Addison, 47, from Pennsylvania, shared a video in which she alleged her ex-husband had been cheating on her for years with another woman.  She says she learned of his infidelity just days before their tenth wedding anniversary when she opened the local newspaper and saw his ‘unusual name’.  Ami then went on the hospital website to find out more information, only to discover that the baby was her husband’s second child with the other woman.  In a follow-up clip, the ER nurse admitted that she was ‘very upset’ but she took time to ‘get her ducks in a row’ before confronting him about the affair.  Ami and her now-ex-husband raised three kids together, so she waited for him to go to work the following day, then packed up all their belongings and left.  She also tracked down the other woman’s address and says she found her husband’s car sitting outside her home when she drove past.  In the end, Ami revealed  she ended up marrying his friend, whom she has been with for eight years.